Country Decor

When I think about country décor, I imagine a wooden table in the kitchen, a bunch of wildflowers resting in a large barn sink, waiting to be propped into a vase. With touches of elegance and modern sophistication, Country Décor is about soft and cozy finishes that create a warm space for loved ones to gather and escape from the world outside.

Country Décor is a chic upgrade from the Farmhouse trend that has been popular over the past few years. It exudes warmth, comfort, and coziness with a touch of modern glamour. It is an easy style to pull off because it allows for mixing and matching things you already have and love with fresh new finds. Country Décor is definitely here to stay!

The best thing is you don’t have to have a farmhouse in the country; the Country Chic trend will work with most styles of homes, so you can create this look wherever you live.

What’s to love

You may still be totally in love with the Farmhouse look but want to give it a fresh update. Or perhaps your space lacks warmth, and you’d like to give it a bit of character and style. The Country Chic look is fun and easy to pull off!

Old fashioned charm and comfort combined with modern conveniences and sophistication – what’s not to love?

With all the bad news we have to face constantly, the pandemic, natural disasters, social injustices, to name a few, people want to surround themselves with warmth, comfort, coziness, and a reminder of simpler and more wholesome times. Country chic ticks all these boxes while still being fresh and clean. It is the kind of space where friends and family would want to gravitate to and stay awhile.

Growing families

This style is perfect for growing families; the muted colors and relaxed feel are quite forgiving when it comes to marks, dents, scrapes, and scratches. In fact, it is these very things; the dents, bumps, scrapes, and scratches, that add character to this décor style as they give the home a lived-in and aged feel.

Light and bright

Banish thoughts about heavy, dark brown furniture. Country Chic is light, bright, and airy. Choose natural hues in shades of cream, beige and white to make your home feel more spacious. These muted tones also make for a great backdrop, allowing you to get creative and let your personality shine through with pops of color and texture.

Curtains, cushions, throws, and carpets are great ways for introducing color into your home.

To add some modern style into your space, look for décor items or lighting in metallic finishes. For the kitchen, bring in appliances in warm metallic shades like gold and or go all out and install a copper sink!

Natural materials for the win

Country Décor and an appreciation for nature and natural elements go hand in hand. Exposed wood, whether in your flooring or beams in the ceiling, is an effortless way to embrace natural finishes.

Exposed brick will make for a fabulous feature wall in a living area or master bedroom.

Concrete countertops and floors have been having a moment in many design styles, from industrial to modern. Concrete countertops work very well in Country Chic kitchens. It has many of the same qualities as natural stone but is far easier on the budget.

When it comes to furniture, look for classic, practical pieces with clean lines in a lighter wood. Don’t go for a matchy-matchy look. If you have a glorious wooden farmhouse table, add more contemporary velvet chairs.

Natural Textures

No space can be considered warm and cozy without an abundance of blankets and throws, somewhere soft to land. Adding layers of different textures, like some cushions layered over a throw, create an ambiance of coziness and a feeling of luxe.

Add elements that have natural textures like jute or sisal rugs, rattan light shades, and woven baskets. Baskets will give you extra storage and can also be placed strategically to hide eyesores like cord clutter.

Cozy but with touches of glam

This style also has touches of sophistication and glamour; think chandeliers, metallic gilded mirrors, a vintage brass bed, or better yet, a fabulous four-poster bed.

An easy way to inject some glam into your kitchen would be to change your cabinet hardware to handles and pulls to a metallic finish. You can do the same thing in the bathroom, swop out your faucet for a copper or black one.

Guilt-free style

We are all trying to be more sustainable and kinder to the environment. When decorating your space in a Country Chic style, think about how you can use pieces you already have in cool new ways.

Who doesn’t love a good DIY? Turn that old and heavy china cabinet into something more practical. It may just need a lick of fresh paint in a light color and some modern hardware to transform it into a coveted coffee bar that would make any barista proud.

Slabs of wood from old doors can be used to make headboards, tabletops, even floating shelves.

Don’t leave out the bathroom

A gleaming white bathroom will look a tad out of place in a Country Chic home.

There are a few things you can do to soften the sleek modern look of your bathroom without doing a complete bathroom reno.

Install wooden shelving. Store towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom essentials in wooden crates.

Add a hanging pot plant over the bathtub.

Choose accessories that have a natural look and feel, like a stone finish soap dispenser.


You don’t have to do a massive overhaul. The Country Chic style lends itself to mixing and matching what you already have with new finds.

Crockery, glassware, and cutlery don’t have to match. In fact, adding new or thrifted pieces to the ones you already have will create that handed-down look. To ensure that everything is cohesive, stick to one color palette.


Plants seem to be the hottest décor trend at the moment and fits in very nicely with the Country Chic look. Potted plants soften a space and add a warm and homely feel. If keeping plants alive is not your forte, artificial plants will work.

A micro-trend that fits in well with the Country Chic look is dried flowers. Lavender, roses, and hessian work particularly well.

Easy ways to inject Country Chic Style into your space

  • Paint your distressed wooden furniture. Distressed wood had its day. Paint over with a splash of color or a simple wood finish.
  • The Country Chic look is practical. Everything is used and has a purpose. With this in mind, display your tools. Use open shelving and kitchen countertops to display rustic chopping boards, ceramic mixing bowls, metallic jugs, and wooden spoons. Decorative and practical at its best.
  • Bring the outdoors in with greenery and flowers. The look is effortless and almost thrown together; a bunch of wildflowers in a pitcher, sprigs of eucalyptus in a vase. Greenery is whimsical and cheerful but far cheaper than flowers. Myrtle, Ivy, and Leather Leaf Fern are my favorites because of their rich green color and beautifully shaped leaves.
  • Swop your duvet for a beautiful quilt. Nothing screams nostalgic comfort than curling up under a heavy quilt for an indulgent afternoon nap.
  • An old trick that everyone knows about is adding a mirror to create a more spacious-looking space. Search thrift stores or flea markets for burnished copper framed mirrors that have a vintage feel.
  • Add a Macrame wall hanging. Made by hand, this will give your space a rustic, homely feel.

The Country Chic look is essentially about creating an oasis of comfort and convenience in your home. It is warm and inviting and forgiving, yet still stylish. It is about surrounding yourself with things that you love.