In the ancient city of Rome, 2773 years’ worth of history brings in many tourists around the globe to see various famous sights. However, where do the usual locals enjoy visiting? How do the locals spend their time and money within this historical city they call their home?

There are various places that locals love to visit regularly. Beautiful sceneries, restaurants with good food, and bars for mingling are all great spots to attend to replicate the life of a local. Visiting less famous museums will also give you a fuller experience of Roman culture.

Now let us look at various locations to understand the incredible experience locals experience every day fully. There are different areas, such as restaurants, bars, parks, and less known historical sights. So, let’s take a gander at these places that bring about so much charm.

Bustling Markets Filled With Delicious Ingredients

Markets are lovely places to get cute trinkets to remember your lively visit to the city of Rome. Let us look at some markets that locals regularly stop by.

Ponte Milvio Market

This market is one of the most remarkable ways to appreciate the Tevere River during the day. Located right beside the river, it is a place highly loved by antique lovers and a place for them to take a calming stroll under the rows of chestnut trees.

Many come here to browse the great selection of antique furniture and other objects. If you plan to visit this pleasant place, look out for antiques, shabby chic furniture, paintings, vintage accessories, and more!

Charming Restaurants To Eat Tasty Food

Visiting restaurants within the city of Rome is a great way to savor the various tastes of traditional Roman cuisine.

Enoteca Corsi

This restaurant is considered one of the few non-touristy places to enjoy a meal in the city’s heart. It is a traditional osteria with only a few seats and a selection of dishes to enjoy with a fine glass of delicious wine.

This restaurant serves traditional Roman dishes and specializes in a vast selection of wine equaling around 100 different labels. The environment is familiar, and the design is rustic, which creates a comfortable environment to relax and enjoy a tasty meal.

Cul De Sac

This restaurant is a prominent place with an incredibly vast wine menu, exceptional traditional Roman cuisine, cheese, meat platters, and unique segmented desserts. You get to experience delicious food at a low price. However, if you have the money on hand, there are other fancier options available.

People can find this restaurant at the end of the Piazza Navona near the Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

Dar Filettaro a Santa Barbara

Filettaro is a local gem. They have been serving the finest filetto di baccalà (fried fish) in the heart of the city since the 50s. The secret to its exquisite taste is in the batter and the freshness of their fish. Filettaro is a traditional Roman trattoria with a minor list of dishes and a great selection of wine from Castelli.

The aesthetics of this old restaurant takes you right back to the 50s when all that people needed back then was some tasty food and a jug of great wine. They offer tables on one of the smallest and most ancient squares in Rome by Santa Barbara Church in the summer times.

Bars To Mingle With The Locals

Bars are some of the best spots to interact with the locals and comfortably talk about all types of experiences over a cool drink.


This bar is one of the most favored places to go for Romans to hang out with friends. However, if you seek somewhere easy and cheap with good local wine and food such as porchetta, olives, and cheese, a visit to the traditional tavern is an excellent choice. Relax and dive into delicious Italian cuisine and locally produced wine.

Often located in revamped cellars, you can only find these taverns in the Ariccia and Castelli Romani areas, located on the outskirts of Rome. There is undoubtedly no better place to savor the tastiest porchetta, cured meats, and a complete selection of local Roman delicacies.

The Jerry Thomas Project

This tiny and distinguished bar serves the best cocktails in Rome. Its doors are open until the late hours of the night, and you need to know the secret password to enter – similar to an actual 1920s speakeasy. Once inside, the kind mixologist will impress your mind with their alcoholic inventions.

It is heaven for true cocktail aficionados. A confidential parlor to enjoy great drinks and listen to tips about the magnificent world of mixology. Plonk a seat on their large sofa and gaze around to uncover their vast collection of sought-after bottles, old mixers, and related paraphernalia.

Flourishing Parks And Sceneries

Everyone loves walking amongst some prospering greenery and taking in the crisp fresh air. So let us look at some scenic areas for an admirable view and a calming walk.

Appia Antica Regional Park

A visit to the Appian Way is one of the best experiences to have in Rome, especially on a bright Sunday. Here you can appreciate a unique landscape of green parkland complemented with ancient Roman ruins.

This trip is a precious opportunity to adventure in the Roman countryside. Just picture a massive park filled with high pine, green fields, and an ancient road that leads you to an assortment of Roman aqueducts, old churches, and tombs.

Rome’s Keyhole

Locals say that even though they visit this spot time and time again, it never ceases to impress. Set in the gates of the Knights of Malta headquarters, you’ll discover a keyhole that offers a beautiful view of St. Peter’s Basilica.

It is a brief yet enjoyable experience. Peering through this famous keyhole allows you to enjoy a stunning view of the Basilica adorned with two parallel rows of trees in the foreground, constructing a natural frame.

Villa Borghese

Located in the heart of Rome, Villa Borghese is one of the biggest parks in the city. Locals regularly visit here on weekends to walk or cycle. It also brings in families and couples with its charming and romantic atmosphere. One can even gain a breathtaking view of the park from Pincio Terrace.

The park is filled with history as it once was the home to the famous Galleria Borghese Museum, a zoo, a romantic lake, temples, the open-air Globe Theatre, and the House of Cinema. So whether your interest lies in nature, sports, animals or art, this park has something to suit everyone.

Giardino Degli Aranci

Located at the top of Aventine Hill, it is guaranteed to be a spot filled with peacefulness and dreaminess. Also known as the “Orange Garden,” this place is a little slice of Eden. Its romantic and relaxing atmosphere is a perfect spot for lovers or those who wish to spend some time alone.

Gazing from the small terrace surrounded by orange trees, you can peer down over the city, basking in its beauty, and regain a bit of peace. This small rectangular garden is trendy amongst locals as it offers a fantastic view that stretches from the twisting Tiber river to St. Peter’s Basilica.

Historical Spots That Aren’t Largely Popular

It is no surprise that the ancient city of Rome contains so many historical sights. However, here is a view that ordinary tourists could miss out.

Cripta Dei Cappuccini

Although many locals don’t often visit it, it is a favorite spot for those who draw towards all things macabre, sacred, and scary. Inside, you will see bones piled high amongst other sights, such as bones nailed to the walls in elaborate patterns and some even hanging from the ceiling as light fixtures.

People would never imagine such a place to be located on the elegant Via Veneto. It appears to be a simple church from the exterior, making the interior a defined contrast against the outside. However, if one goes deep below the building, one will discover a fascinating crypt decorated with sculpted skeletal remains.

Verano Cemetery

The main cemetery in Rome is the Verano Cemetery and the oldest and most central one. This memorial spot is indeed rich with many monuments. It’s a tranquil place to stroll when you feel like escaping the bustling San Lorenzo neighborhood.

This 19th-century cemetery, set on ancient Roman burial grounds, is an open-air art and history museum. Many famous Italians have their final rest here, such as Mameli, De Sica, and Ungaretti. Thus, exploring Verano is like taking a quiet walk accompanied by the rich history of Italian culture.

Museums To Experience The Culture Of Rome

There are different museums filled with ancient treasures from various areas of life, from art to historical artifacts. Let us look at some small museums to experience Rome’s rich culture fully.

Chiostro Del Bramante

Located near the famous Piazza Navona, locals come here for the unique art exhibitions and wander through the ancient columns that curve the structure, having a break by the café or visiting the bookshop.

The design of the building is an example of High Renaissance architecture in Rome. Firstly, it was a monastery compound that also included the adjoining Santa Maria Della Pace church – previously the home of Raphael’s famous Sibyls fresco.


When the city opened the institute in 2010, the attraction renewed Rome’s youthfulness. There had never been a place quite like this in the town. MAXXI is said to stand for “Museum Art XXI.”

In this place, you can visit contemporary art and architecture exhibitions as well as other promoted events. For example, the MAXXI Architettura was the first national architectural museum to be built in Italy.

Palazzo Delle Esposizioni

Established in a recently renovated historic building, the charming Palazzo Delle Esposizioni is known for displaying some of the most extraordinary exhibitions in the city. Some days, they also offer cinema evenings to watch cult films that people cannot view anywhere else.

This exhibition center is a large neoclassical building with a big, inviting staircase upfront on via Nazionale. The showcases change frequently and display everything from photography and art to history, film, and literature.

Areas With Astounding Architecture

There are many areas with exceptional architecture that are always an absolute wonder to see. Let us look at these highly recommended architectural wonders.

Borromini’s Perspective

One of Rome’s most robust and unique hidden gems is Borromini’s Corridor near Galleria Spada. This place of excellent architecture is a sight everyone should see at least once. Here you can encounter a splendid play on perspective.

The corridor’s unique design deceives the onlooker whose gaze stretches deeper than its measured length. The architect created the effect with a moderately rising floor, converging walls, and a lowering ceiling.

The Pantheon

Located within the heart of Rome is the Pantheon, a place that locals regularly pass by. Once you step inside, you are immediately overwhelmed by the magnificent architecture, especially with the hole in the temple’s ceiling. If it’s raining, watch with fascination as the droplets escape into holes in the floor.

Upon entering the Pantheon, raise your head to discover an excellent surprise. Your view will be instantly caught by a bright ray of sunshine peering down from the “oculus” – a nine-meter circular opening at the highest point of the dome that manages to illuminate the entire building.

Quartiere Coppedè

While walking along the long streets of Rome, a large arch will lead you into a great little residential area hidden in the Parioli neighborhood. The Quartiere Coppedè is a romantic, elegant, and quiet quarter that forms the perfect spot for a dreamy stroll.

It is an incredible mixture of Liberty (Italian art nouveau) and artful buildings by the Italian architect Gino Coppedè. Visit here and admire the floral, medieval, and mythological details of this architectural masterpiece.


So, there are without a doubt many different places to fully immerse yourself in the daily experiences of a local’s life within the beautiful city of Rome. In addition, there is a vast spectrum of things to discover, such as delicious food and wine, art and architectural designs, and historical sites that will leave you in awe.

Replicating the life of a local is the best way to relish the uniqueness of this rich and historic city fully.