Eléshia is a young South African who lives for every small moment that makes life beautiful.
She is a farm girl, coffee lover, and adventurer who spends most of her spare time exploring nature.


About Eléshia

Eléshia is a goal-oriented, hardworking, and driven pharmacist who is passionate about helping others in any possible way.

Being part of a competitive family has taught her to never back down from a challenge. She’s a firm believer that challenges become opportunities for growth, and with the right mindset, all challenges can be overcome.

You can count her in for any adventurous activity. She loves a good adventure because of the way it lifts your mood, brings back inspiration, and truly makes you more grateful for the little things in life. If she is not exploring nature, she is trying out new recipes for her family and friends to enjoy.

Writing Samples

Feel free to check out some of her writing samples below.

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